Executive Development Courses

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Applied Research Self Study (Q0123)

0.5 CEUs


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This course has been developed by the NFA to provide you with specific skills that will be critical to successful completion of the research component of the Executive Development course and the four Applied Research Projects (ARPs) required in the EFOP. While the course is open to all, you will need to purchase the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition, typically referred to as the APA Manual to use in conjunction with the self study course.

Data Gathering Instruments to Support Applied Research Projects (Q0170)

0.3 CEUs


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This course provides information and guidance on the use of common data-gathering instruments for applied research purposes (usually a questionnaire, interview process, or survey). The course includes information on when to choose such an instrument based on the research question(s) which the author seeks to answer. The course also assists the student in developing and using a data gathering instrument.

Designing An Applied Research Project Proposal (Q0171)

0.3 CEUs


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This course provides information on how to complete an effective Applied Research Proposal. It explores the relationships between the problem and purpose statements, the research questions and the most appropriate research method to follow. A research proposal serves as a tool for the author to assemble important information regarding the research being considered, and then to receive feedback from another source regarding the relationships of information presented.